Amazon Redesigns the Echo

Gadgets Sep 29, 2020

Amazon released a new design to its signature Echo and Echo Dot. They just announced this change to the Echo on Thursday, which is considered the most prominent change to the design when it debuted in 2014.

They unveiled this at their annual product event. This new Echo is softer, rounder and almost comforting. The exterior is a fabric instead of the hard tower that had been seen in the previous designs.


The Echo also has more features, better audio, and will resemble the features of the 2017 release of the Echo Plus. It comes in three colors: glacier white, charcoal, and a new blue color Amazon dubbed as, ‘twilight blue.’

The Echo Dot will also be of this spherical shape and will start at $49.99, the one with a digital clock display starts at $59.99. The Echo will start at $99.99 and be available by October 22nd.

a close up of a ball: The new Echo Dot with a digital clock display. Amazon


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