Contact Skyfallen

Support for visitors

General Support[email protected]
Technical Assistance[email protected]
Skyfallen Plus Support[email protected]
Skyfallen HC
Phone Support+44 7723 485870

Contact information in further down this page are not for personal contact or support. For that instead use Skyfallen HC or information above.

If you have any copyright concerns or any legal problem please contact:

Skyfallen Legal Team [email protected]

Press Communications:

If you have any questions about press releases, volunteering or any complaints about our content or any online identity please contact:

Skyfallen Communications [email protected]

Skyfallen Executive Staff Members

Head of Skyfallen, Founder
Yiğit Kerem Oktay - [email protected]

Director, Legal Operations

Ahmet Tolga Özcan - [email protected]

Content Director,
Alper Ergüne - [email protected]

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