Google Halts Paid Chrome Extensions

chrome extensions Sep 25, 2020

Google announced they would be discontinuing all paid extensions in Chrome, starting on Monday. Developers have been encouraged by Chrome to move to ‘another payment processor.’ Chrome cites multiple reasons for this change from where developers can earn money and to it being easier now for them to monetize their extensions elsewhere than it was when Google Chrome first launched its webstore 11 years ago.

This affects all aspects of paid extensions whether it is a one time purchase, in-app purchases, user licenses, payments and if the extension uses any of the payment helper programming methods.

Google had announced a temporary hold on paid extensions starting in March 27th of this year to try and put a stop to a rise in fraudulent transactions. In April, they then released a series of new updates to reduce any exploitation of their users.

But Google is making that temporary hold permeant. Below is the full timeline for viewing and understanding on how over the coming months Google will be discontinuing their paid extensions.

Deprecation timeline
Timeline from Google

This move came as a surprise to all when Google announced their discontinuation on paid extensions, but also brought some frustration to the developer community and an air of uncertainty as a whole.


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