Most Popular Javascript Frameworks

framework Oct 4, 2020

Javascript is the language of the web. All the websites use javascript in one way or another to enhance the experience of their users. At the start, it was only being used in the browsers for client-side event handling. However, now it is used for developing scalable server-side development. It is also being used for developing desktop and mobile applications. So right now, the JS is being used for developing applications for any platform still the main purpose being the front end-user experience and event handling one the websites haven’t been neglected. Many front-end frameworks are available for smart, efficient, and cleaner development while improving the UI/UX at the same time.

Here we are going to share three most popular JS frameworks being used for development and some basic information about them.

  1. React
  2. Angular
  3. Vue


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ReactJS is one of the most popular and most used js framework. It is developed by Jordan Walke at Facebook. It was first used live for Facebook feed in 2011 and later on in 2012 used on Instagram. It was made opensource in May 2013 at JSConf. React was developed as a reactive component-based web framework with one way data-flow. It introduced many concepts like functional, declarative programming, immutable states, which were not commonly used in front-end development. Introduction of Virtual DOM is one of the best features react offered first than any other js front-end framework.


  • Learn Once, Write Anywhere – this is the slogan of reactjs. This means you can learn to write code in react and can power applications for any platform (e.g., Web, Desktop, and Mobile ) using the same code.
  • Virtual DOM – for every DOM object there is a virtual DOM object, as a representation of DOM object, is created.
  • React Hooks – Developers can write components without using classes. This offers a more responsive and seamless application user interface.
  • One-way data binding – React makes it explicit to know which way the data will go therefore developers can know how the functionality would appear.


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Angular is also one of the most popular and powerful javascript frameworks. Angular was initially released as Angularjs a SPA javascript web front-end framework by Google in October 2010. It featured 2-way data binding between HTML and JS. The release of React by Facebook addressed some of the flaws that are there in Angularjs which made it unpopular with the developer community. Google then revamped and released a whole new SPA framework as Angular. Although the names Angularjs and Angular are similar but they are almost totally different as Angular is a end-to-end framework for development of any type of application. Angular was the first js framework that adopted Typescript as its primary programming language. Some of the features of Angular are listed here


  • Progressive Web Apps – Angular apps provide user with app like environment in the browser.
  • Cross platform – It can be used to develop applications for Mobiles (Android/iOS) using techniques like in other cross platform js app development frameworks like Ionic, Cordova and NativeScript etc.
  • Component Router – Angular apps load quickly, using component router, delivering required view code to the user and rendering it.
  • DOM sanitization – Angular secures the web pages by DOM sanitization.
  • Two-way data binding – Angular makes a connection between view and model by the means of 2-way data binding so changing one will reflect the effect on the other.


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Vue is one of the relatively newer and popular js framework developed by Evan You. It is opensource Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) based javascript framework for developing single page applications. Vue has taken good parts of Angular and React. It uses view-layer from angular and two way data bindings. While from React it takes virtual DOM. Vue.js has made its way to popularity as a javascript framework due to being easier to learn, having smaller footprint, and lesser development effort than other front-end frameworks.


  • Easier SPA Development – Learning to develop or developing single-page applications in vue.js is easier and requires less effort than other frameworks
  • Supporting Languages – Vue.js supports Typescript and javascript
  • 2-way binding – Vue.js provides 2-way data bindings, virtual DOM and event sourcing.
  • Easier Migration – Migrating your legacy js code to Vue.js is much easier than using other js frameworks and you can progressively migrate your legacy code to vue.


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