Programming Languages To Be Required As Standard in 2021

c Feb 1, 2021

During the current revolution of computer science education that is finalizing around the world after decades across colleges, high schools, and now middle schools, a full array of programming languages have been made standardized and materials on such languages have been made freely available, especially for during the current pandemic, leading to confusion on what languages should one adopt during the work-from-home revolution, including:




The most rapidly developing programming language, Python could be used for graphics, statistics, gaming, robotics, electronics, and scientific models. Its simplistic syntax and widespread resources means that anyone could learn it individually in many different fields. It is also a significant first choice among young students today, as computer science education continues to be funded on a mass scale.

Step by Step TensorFlow Object Detection API Tutorial — Part 1: Selecting a  Model | by Daniel Stang | Medium
Tensorflow Object Detection, a python library that focuses on AI/ML


In the 25 years since its inception from 1995, Java has been extended in usage to over 13 billion devices, including everything from Android devices to even automobile computers from the universality of its compiling software being freeware and easily available to download and relatively straightforward syntax. This language is also very certified for students of computer science, from college-level courses like Advanced Placement Computer Science A, to robotics classes in middle schools.

Facebook is creating an AI assistant for Minecraft | MIT Technology Review
Minecraft Game, built with Java and cross platform


A major historical rival to both Python (1991) and Java (1995), Ruby’s (1993) amazingly minimalist syntax and functionality allows for developers to focus on complex issues as many minor functions are defined as drafted. In recent years, a strong DIY and developer community has arisen to promote better teaching and programming among students of computer science as Ruby as a programming language is not often taught in courses currently.

Interesting facts about Ruby Programming Language - GeeksforGeeks
Ruby Language Logo, mostly used for web apps

Ruby for Rails

The similarly-named Ruby for Rails is a specialized application of Ruby and several libraries that is often used within web development and applications that allows for mass scalability and efficiency in front-load development. Its usage has also been growing in the creative economy as computer science reinvents the industry.

Github, built with ruby on rails, just like a ton of other ones


These three languages are three stages of a half-century of development in programming languages’ scale and syntax. C (1971) builds the software framework of the GUIs and internal workings of Unix, Linux, and Windows, and is common for studying cybersecurity and operating systems.

C++ (1983) developed as a major, more abstracted framework for applications to be used on C-coded platforms. The syntax is comparable to that of Java and is often one of the best competing languages to Java’s extensive usage and applications.

C# (2000) grew rapidly as video games demanded more advanced level languages to abstract previous minor functions, as a merge of syntax and features between C, Java, and Python to make a language that could be adopted quicker and expanded functionalities of programs.

Hi Photoshop! | "Course 1 – First Steps in Adobe Photoshop"  (oriolsegontorra) | Domestika
Adobe Photoshop, build with C and C++ just like other Creative Cloud Apps


A common comparison between the types of programming languages and web development occurs between Java and Javascript. Both languages were introduced in the same year, yet both have drastically different usages, since Java is meant for general applications, while Javascript serves smaller-scale web applications and pages in the early phase of the internet. Javascript is also used in education for students as its watered-down syntax functions like the pseudocode often taught in programming classes as a guide to loops, control structures, and other commands. Not only that, but there is a desktop implementation of JS called Node.JS which powers a lot of apps varying from bots to CMS’s and Live Conference Apps.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-02-01-at-11.02.36-1024x539.png
Tamako, a multipurpose discord bot with a Chat API and more, built with Discord library for nodeJs


As internet applications grew in size and popularity, the need for web pages to respond with server-side computing and data grew as a result. JQuery expands Javascript to this level and fairly strong programming applications as a result, as well as maintaining the scalability of Javascript applications.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2021-02-01-at-11.04.11-1024x540.png
Stackoverflow, a programming forum, not built with JS, but the front-end depends on JQuery


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