Should You be Worried about Macs Memory Swapping?

Apple May 6, 2021

Let us discuss about what is swapping.

Swapping is a common method for memory management by the Operating System in which an idle or less performance usage process's memory file transfers from the dedicated memory to that to the your disk. In this manner, the OS ensures lag free performance and this is heavily done by Linux and macOS but should you be worried about it?
SSDs have a lifespan and as the lifespan gets over, there is a chance of SSD failing over time, this lifespan is calculated in write cycles and data written and deleted on it.

Recently, There have been arise concern of consumers that their Macs specially M1 Macs have been doing so much swapping but this is done by Microsoft Windows as well as Linux Systems but since SSDs on Macs are soldered onto the logic board, you cannot really replace it if in case it wears out.
After a bit of research, There has been multiple culprits which includes Rosetta 2's instruction conversion of x86 architecture apps to Arm for apps like chromium-based apps and some apps which haven't yet been optimized for Apple Silicon but this can be solved by a simple update and Apple might already have had pushed the update and we don't know about it yet.
Some Users on twitter and reddit have shown their SMART rate being 1% in some weeks but a drive's SMART function generally reports usage as a percentage of TBW rating, so you can apply the reality vs rated formula to it. A 1% usage might be only 0.25% in reality.
But on an average, there are only 10% people reaching that in months, for the rest of them, it would be still be on 0%

So on that usage rate, your mac would last for 14 years and your main machine would definitely be not the 14 year old mac at that time so there is no need to worry about it but if you except a RAM-intensive or a lot of write data, then 16GB is better than 8GB RAM for your mac and a larger SSD is better than a smaller one.
Panic about Mac SSD wear killing machine is highly exaggerated and we can definitely say that you can swap your computer to new M1 Mac if you haven't got 'em yet.


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