The Skyfallen's Ultimate Guide to Java: Episode 0 - Setting up the environment

Computer Science Nov 7, 2020

Welcome to The Skyfallen’s Ultimate Guide to Java. In this series we’ll guide you from zero knowledge to a Java developer.

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose modern programming language initially developed by Sun Microsystems, and currently owned by Oracle Corporation. The key feature of the language is platform independence: it means that the same Java program can be run on multiple platforms without any changes! This principle is also known as “write once, run anywhere” (or WORA).

Java has been one of the most popular programming languages for many years. It has earned the top position in the TIOBE index (a programming language popularity index). This language is used by a huge community of developers around the world! If you have a problem, you can always ask other developers or find a suitable answer online.

Java is used in our Android smartphones, the financial services industry, telecommunications, embedded systems, and in many other areas. Medical applications use it to store patient data, computer games, such as Minecraft, are created using Java; development tools like IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse wouldn’t exist without it.


In this video we are showing you how you can setup your development environment and follow us as we are guiding you through the Java Programming Tutorials.


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